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White Paper

Broadband TV:
The Golden Spike Connecting
Television and the Internet

A special report on the online video services landscape ahead.

“Cloud-based TV will provide, for the first time, a
truly customized viewing experience for each user.”
                --David Jensen, Digital Media Partner,

IBM Global Business Services

Television is undergoing a transformation that some refer to as Convergence, WebTV, Cloud TV, IPTV, TV 2.0. Whatever the label, today’s divergent offerings are swiftly evolving into commercial broadband TV services. In the process, the business models, delivery platforms, and consumer experience are changing according to Disney-ABC's EVP, Digital Media, Albert Cheng and many others.

This free report is an overview of the trends in new Internet video services being rolled out. It surveys thought leaders from Accenture, Akamai, Cisco, IBM, Strategy Analytics and examines trends and ROI strategies for stakeholders: Network Providers, Content Providers, and the consumer. It is now available for download at the link above.



  • The state of TV and IP Video industry today
  • Enabling factors such as CDNs and new digital technology
  • Historical limits of IPTV and Internet Video
  • What consumers are looking for in Internet TV offerings
  • Strategies for Content, Network, and Service Providers to consider

Excerpt from "Broadband TV: What's Next?"
Scouting a new media landscape
Watch, surf, connect. These new watchwords for TV consumers pose both a challenge and an opportunity to the media business.

Observers have labelled the radical change television is undergoing as Convergence, WebTV, IPTV, TV 2.0. But no name can capture or tame the frontier opened up by the golden spike of cloud computing that now connects the two very different, but complementary worlds of Television and the Internet.

Consider this: in March 2010 alone, nine billion online video streams were viewed in the U.S. And world-wide, broadband subscribers are expected to reach one billion by 2014. Already there are nearly eleven million PC-to-TV connections and over thirty-one million broadband connected game consoles in the U.S. alone.

Nearly 50% improved brand impact is reported when combining online and TV delivery. With an estimated four billion TV viewers world-wide and a 180 billion dollar global TV advertising budget in the balance, the risks and rewards are significant.

Content Providers and Service Providers now understand they need each other to reach their business objectives. By combining core competencies, they can now offer the consumer a unified user experience integrating legacy linear programming with the web’s limitless access to entertainment content. The recognized trend is that audiences are seeking high quality of service for TV as well as web content, along with federated search and interactive applications that reach beyond traditional program viewing...(more)

Download the White Paper

About the Author
Howard Greenfield is a digital media advisor and writer (co-author of IPTV & Internet Video, Focal Press, 2nd Edition, 2009). He is President of Go Associates, a consultancy that delivers high-tech product marketing and global business development strategies. Howard has held senior management and consulting positions with Sun Microsystems, Informix Software, British Telecom, and Apple Computer. He is the founder of Sun’s first Media Lab and completed his graduate studies at Stanford University. He may be reached at howard@go-associates.com.

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