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Biography: Howard Greenfield

Digital media & IT product marketing, business development executive


"I find his perspective most helpful, independent, and shrewd."  
        Nick DeMartino, SVP, American Film Institute, Hollywood

"He knows the drivers behind the digital media industry in Europe and the U.S."
        – John Taysom, Founder, Reuters Venture Capital, London


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Howard Greenfield is an IT / digital media advisor and writer (co-author of IPTV & Internet Video, Focal Press, 2nd Edition, 2009). He is President of Go Associates, a consultancy that delivers high-tech product marketing and global business development strategies. Howard has held senior management and consulting positions with Sun Microsystems, Informix Software, British Telecom, and Apple Computer. He is the founder of Sun’s first Media Lab and completed his graduate studies at Stanford University. He may be reached at howard@go-associates.com.

Howard has 25 years experience as a successful technology developer, manager, educator, and writer. In addition to front-line collaborative development with large organizations like Xerox PARC, Ericsson, and the American Film Institute, he has held leadership roles in numerous early stage companies, three of which were subsequently acquired by Ariba, IBM, and Microsoft.

Howard has presented and moderated at conferences throughout Silicon Valley, Europe, and Asia and served on government and cultural advisory boards that include the State of California, UK Trade & Invest, CNET, and others. Howard holds a graduate degree in Interactive Technology from Stanford University. 



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