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"Howard & Go Associates were instrumental in moving our product strategy forward. They are able with their unique industry skills and knowledge base to quickly identify and build the connection between the customer and the product team, delivering real value and momentum for our customer propositions and our projects."

Harold Formosa,
Head of Corporate Business, British Telecom

"Howard covers industry developments in US and Europe, and consistently offers our readers an original viewpoint and professional insight…His research into the deeper implications of industry events always makes for a good read."

Nick Snow,
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, Advanced Television and Euromedia Magazine

"We appreciate the news value and journalistic standard of Mr. Greenfield's work.  Howard brings a diverse portfolio of industry technology and marketing experience to bear in his writing.  He has worked with top Fortune 500 companies, media giants, and has a literary background that provides the unique, point of view readers find invaluable..."

Virgil Labrador,
Managing Editor, Satellite Magazine

"I have known Howard Greenfield of Go Associates for many years, and have come to rely upon his sage counsel and strategic advice in a number of areas of international trade and technology deployment. Howard is always current in his knowledge of technology markets and companies, especially in countries outside the United States. Because he consults with many companies as well as writes analysis of market situations for new technologies worldwide, I find his perspective most helpful, independent, and shrewd.

In recent months, Howard has been able to help me develop strategies with a number of major international companies whose interests intersect those of the American Film Institute. Thus, not only has Howard the specialized knowledge of the field, but the ability to understand my needs. I would not hesitate to recommend Go Associates as a vendor to provide strategic consulting and analytic services in the international technology marketplace."

Nick DeMartino,
Associate Director, American Film Institute, Hollywood, CA

"Howard brought a mix of technical, business, organisational and cultural sector experience and skills to this work with us.  He also showed fine ability to understand and relate to our issues, and to offer practical options.  He is clearly excellent in building relationships and networking

From our experience, I would encourage you to consider Howard for the contribution he could make in these areas for your own organisation."

Terry Turner,
Chief Executive, East of England Museums Libraries & Archives Council

"Recommending Howard Greenfield’s High Level of Skill & Commitment:

Howard has been helpful to RVC in providing industry insight. His understanding of the technical and market processes underlying the products of more than one of our portfolio companies has helped us advise companies whose products are based on emerging technologies. His advice and introductions have been actionable, and his contributions to significant alliances have yielded practical benefit for the companies involved.

In particular, Howard has demonstrated that he knows the drivers behind the digital media industry in Europe and the US and has that he has the IT and business skills to make his advice worth hearing. Likewise he is an able talent in the area of organizational partnership and corporate diplomacy. We consider him a helpful adjunct to similar organizations".

John Taysom,
Founder and Managing Partner, RVC Europe Ltd


This will introduce and commend Howard Greenfield who has acted on our behalf, introducing Octavo's business, services, and digitization capabilities to potential clients around the world.

Octavo is a company founded by John Warnock (co-founder of world technology leader Adobe Systems, Inc.) who serves as Chairman of the Board of Octavo. This has set a high bar for the organization's industry direction and global market objectives.

Mr. Greenfield has an enviable ability to understand the "big sky" picture of the IT industry from the perspective of his experiences and work in the Silicon Valley as a consultant and executive. He also has the skill to craft partnerships and alliances that are needed to move forward at the ground level.

Being able to understand the overall technical and commercial dynamics enables Howard to bring both marketing focus and key players together. In this way be can build alliances that solve real time problems.

This is a rare strength, and we've been grateful for the assistance and strategic thinking that Howard has brought to Octavo. With confidence that he can contribute those same skills to you, I remain,

Chet Grycz,
Curator Books & Collections, Internet Archives, Former CEO, Octavo


"Howard and Go Associates brought significant skills and experience to
our team at Mobile Support, helping to guide us through some challenging
market decision points. His calm demeanor, extensive background in our
space, and natural business instincts provided the right combination for our early-stage company.

He rolled up his sleeves and helped us on a number of fronts, from leveraging his many industry contacts, to formulating overall product strategy, writing case studies and articles, and guidance on fundraising approaches. Howard was an invaluable member of our core management team, and I look forward to the opportunity of working again with him in the future."

Eric Alderman,
Vice President, Operations and Customer Services / Co-founder, Former CEO Mobile Support, Inc.

"It is the skills in a variety of areas that have made for huge progress in our deployment.   In addition to business pricing models, customer relations, and alliances, Mr. Greenfield's technical work with the company on design of our online retail e-shop was a great success.  Howard hit the ground running, working closely with our multi-national team, demonstrating leadership under pressure."

Candace Johnson,
CEO, Europe Online



Howard has demonstrated strength across technology, media, and telecoms sectors.  He understands how start-ups tick, and what makes them perform successfully.  His skills and insight as a virtual executive and coach help shape a small team into a world class positioning. Moreover, his dialog with Fortune 500 leaders and managers is an invaluable resource.

He is conscientious and able and comes up with new and innovative approaches as team member working in concert with other team leaders. We look forward to working with him in the future and have put him on our advisory board at my latest organization.

Andrew Beinbrink,
CEO & Founder, SportsForceOnline.com

Writing: Industry Acclaim
The following is some of the industry acclaim for IPTV & Internet Video, Second Edition (Focal Press, 2009) By Wes Simpson and Howard Greenfield, Foreword by Mark Cuban:

“Greenfield and Simpson’s new version of IPTV and Internet Video is a must-read for anyone working in online video services to get an understanding of the subject from Viewer, Advertiser & Publisher perspectives.”
–Keval Desai, Director, Product Management, Google TV

“This book is an outstanding resource for convergence professionals who are racing to further monetize the ever-expanding world of broadband internet media.”
–Greg Douglass, Accenture Global Managing Director, Media and Entertainment Practice

“Broadcast is dying. Viewer choice is the future. Read this book by Greenfield and Simpson, two industry insiders, and get a jump-start on the technologies and business trends that will be mainstream before you know it.”
–Patrick Barry, VP Connected TV, Yahoo!

“Taking your content to the Web? It’s Broadcasting, but not as we know it. If you’re having trouble keeping up with the changing world, relax! In this book, Howard and Wes take us through all we need to know, plainly and simply.”
–John Varney, former BBC CTO

“This is the right book at the right time. Greenfield and Simpson offer a clear and compelling overview of the emerging IPTV space that is at once an accessible introduction to the basics and a guide to thinking through issues of implementation and strategy.”
–Paul Saffo, Silicon Valley Forecaster and Consulting Associate Professor of Engineering, Stanford University

“Like DBS before it, IPTV is coming, like it or not. It’s proliferating globally, thus
broadcasters must understand the impact of this technology. IPTV & Internet Video provides a comprehensive view to this critical, emerging industry development in a single, well-conceived volume. Technology and media professionals beware: this will change your business. Authors Greenfield and Simpson get it done here, from micro to macro.”
–Jimmy Schaeffler, Chairman, Senior Research Analyst,
The Carmel Group

“From video content creators, aggregators, and distributors to IT professionals and media executives, everyone can take something from this book. The straightforward yet detailed approach arms you with the information you need to make highly informed technology and business decisions on IPTV and Internet video. A valuable tool for making sense of this rapidly evolving industry.”
–Sandy Malcolm, Executive Producer, CNN.com

“Every television executive needs to have a strategy for dealing with the growth of the Internet for media delivery. Greenfield and Simpson will not only help you get your plan started, they will help you truly understand the seismic shifts that are going on today.”
–Shelly Palmer, President, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, NY

“Driven by advances in digital technology, the media industry is experiencing a transformative shift in IPTV and Internet video that will change our business models, delivery platforms, and the consumer experience. It is imperative that those of us working in this rapidly evolving field have a variety of resources to help educate and guide us as we forge ahead.”
–Albert Cheng, Executive Vice President, Digital Media, Disney-ABC Television Group

“This new edition of IPTV and Internet Video brings the reader up to speed on what he needs to know. It is destined to inform and influence those responsible for navigating the next generation of video services to financial growth. It reveals the keys to how a new personalized, socialized medium will grow beyond recognition.

“The insight this book provides will be very useful to any executive who needs to oversee an IPTV network upgrade. In this single volume, all of the key terminology is defined, and the key economic drivers and pitfalls are identified and clearly explained.”
–Matt Bross, Group Chief Technology Officer, BT (British Telecom)


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