August 22, 2007   Volume 4, Issue 2 
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“The future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed yet.”
– Tim O’Reilly, Web 2.0 publisher & visionary
(Tools of Change Conference, June, 2007)



Seven years ago, the music business was wrestling a new development: digital downloads. Enemy? Or opportunity? Billions of dollars in red ink destroyed a flourishing industry revenue stream. As companies struggled to create an alternative, Apple Computer worked with several creative consultants to perfect a new device dubbed iPOD by a freelance writer. Now, another generation on, we have iPhone.

The convergence of broadcast, telecoms, media, and internet/IT has generated a lot of excitement and promises
and snake oil. There’s a lot of information and FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) out there about where it’s all headed. Do you see your organization or your personal career in this story?

Some of the updates below signal a new industry being born out of the chaos that was TV, telephones, music, movies, books, and business communications. Creating opportunity out of that chaos is about passion, discipline, and being part of an emerging market as it opens up. Think ahead, position your venture to win, because what's ahead may bring change―whether you’ve planned for it or not!

Got other opinions? As an industry strategist and commentator, I want to hear your news and views, or have a conversation with you about your current projects. So drop me a line. If we can identify where there could be mutual benefit, I would be happy to suggest a strategy, or connect you to other like-minded executives or organizations.

Wishing You Every Success,

Howard Greenfield

iPhone Disruption Continues
250,000? 750,000? How many iPhones were pre-ordered, how many sold to date? The numbers are in . . .

Internet TV Tsunami Growing
Video comprises more than half of all Internet traffic, TV service market will reach $5.79B by 2011 . . .

Google and Viacom Clash
$1B law suit has been served to Google by media giant Viacom over copyright violation. …more

Howard Chats with AT&T’s CTO, Kris Rinne
Providing “common access across … broadband, wireless or desktop” says Rinne “being able to personalize it and optimize it is the Killer App, I guess.”

At Churchill's Silicon Valley Top 10 Trends 2007
Silicon Valley VC leaders (including Doerr, McNamee) spelled out the future at the San Jose Hilton recently …more

5 Tips on Mobile Video
“…the mass migration of content into portable form will be blockbuster" …more

Howard Moderates @ Digital Hollywood 2007
“All Video, All the Time” panel debates whether broadband TV is ready to compete with the big boys. …more

Cover Story: Greenfield for TV Technology, AUG 08 Vol. 25, No. 17, "
TitanCast Preps for Primetime

Howard’s IPTV Book News
Last month, Howard announced the publication of his new book IPTV and Internet Video, co-authored with Wes Simpson. It was a Focal Press NAB 2007 Best Seller, and here are a few updates:

Analyst Praise IPTV & Internet Video:

“The right book at the right time. Greenfield and Simpson offer a clear, compelling overview…” …more

IPTV Book Websites & Downloads:

Press Release & Table of Contents (pdf)
Authors interviewed at NAB (video)
Publisher's Website & Abstract (Elsevier / Focal Press)
Go Associates home page (more links & related digital media articles)
Howard’s New CNET ( Column … 1) IPTV for Beginners, 2) TV 2.0 Cometh


Virtual Chataqua Interview with Howard:

Q & A with readers around the country on what’s at stake with IPTV and future of video.


New York Times Bits Blog Goes Live
This summer a collection of expansive, truly world-class Technology and Business writers went online …more


What a Venture Capitalist Sees

7 Digital Media UberTrends by David Beisel, new VP on Sand Hill Road (Venrock)  blogging on the Always-On website good basic overview.


Three Big New Media Forums (Fall 2007)

The following are invitation-only landmark industry events Howard & Go Associates will be participating and covering:

BT 21st Century Global Summit, Oxford, UK (September 1213, 2007)

Google Zeitgeist, Fall 2007, Mountain View, California (October 911, 2007)
Lake Como Media / Entertainment Forum, Como, Italy (October 2426, 2007)

Next Month: More on convergence contraptions and trends: The iPhone one quarter on.

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