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Articles below written by Howard A. Greenfield have been published in leading global industry publications primarily in the U.S. and Europe. These magazines and online publications include "Advanced Television", "TV Technology", "Internet Video Magazine", "Satellite Magazine", "EuroMedia Magazine", "Digital Infrastructure", "CNET", "MarketingProfs", "Asian Pacific Development", "TVB-Europe", and others

Online Video Advertising: On Disney-ABC to Google
Article by H. Greenfield, September 14, 2009
As printed in IPTVi Magazine.

"Big Money in Internet TV a Definite Maybe!" IPTVi Magazine, by H. Greenfield, June 30, '09

"Amazon and Netflix on the Roku: PC to TV Now!" IPTVi Magazine, by H. Greenfield, April 2009

Archive  2000 - 2008

The following is a partial archive. Many more article archives to be posted soon.

Broadband-Channels-For-Everyone (August, 2008)
As printed in EuroMedia Magazine.

Storm on the Horizon: Blackberry's Newest SmartPhone  (November, 2008)
As printed in EuroMedia Magazine and marketingprofs.com.

Will IPTV Land on it's Feet? (February 2008)    
As printed in EuroMedia Magazine.

iPhone Calling (January 2007     As printed in EuroMedia Magazine.

The Future of Broadcasting (April, 2007As printed in SatNews magazine.

Report from Google's Zeitgeist Partner Conference in Silicon Valley (November 2007        As printed in EuroMedia Magazine.

The Long Tail, Interview with Chris Andersen, Wired Magazine, Editor-In-Chief (December 2006        As printed in EuroMedia Magazine.

Neuromarketing, An Introduction,  (co-author book, Chapter 4), Edited by Nasreen Taheer (April 2006
As printed by ICFA University Press, Bangalore, India.

INDUSTRY EXPERT PANEL: PORTABLE, MOBILE VIDEO [Link at bottom of page] November 2, 2006, Streaming Media West 2006

IPTV: Portal Power May, 2006
As printed in
IPTVi Magazine.

Turning Content into Cash - NAB 2006 Report (June 2006    
As printed in EuroMedia Magazine
Bono & New Media Empire, New 2.2B$ VC Buys Into Forbes,
(July 2006 As printed in EuroMedia Magazine.

The New Measure of Money in Media: Web & Wireless (April 2006
As printed in
EuroMedia Magazine.

Ultimate Reality TV! (April 2006) As printed in EuroMedia Magazine.

Sattelite Radio: This Is Not a Test (Feb 2006
As printed in EuroMedia Magazine.

Satellite and IT: At the Digital Crossroads (January 2006
Cover Story for


Mobile Media: Video Snacking or Magic Threshold? (December 2005)
As printed in
EuroMedia Magazine.

Streaming Media or IPTV? (October 2005IPTV, Int'l Magazine.

The TV Ads: Skipping to a Slow Death (August, 2005     As printed in EuroMedia Magazine.

"Googling for Video" (April 2005) As printed in EuroMedia Magazine.

"HDTV Is About to Arrive" (April 2005) Cover Story for SatMagazine.

"France Today: Broadcast Meets Broadband" (April 2005)
As printed in TVB-Europe Magazine.

"The Future of Satellite Radio" (April, 2005)
Cover Story as featured in SatMagazine

2000 - 2004

Howard Greenfield Aricle Archive (more coming online soon)
SatMagazine, EuroMedia Magazine, MarketingProfs, CNET , & others.

Emerging Markets Around the World (December, 2003)
Opportunities abound in various markets worldwide. From Africa to China, Howard Greenfield examines the prospects in these hot markets.

Tiscali’s New Satellite Services: What’s Up? (November, 2003)
Interview with Tiscali’s Senior VP, Mario Mariani

Satellite Solutions Cross Borders: African Case Study (August, 2003)

Killer on the Loose: Broadband (July, 2003)

Digital Piracy: The Show Must Go On! (January, 2003)

Hollywood Story-telling Technology:
Interview with Nick DeMartino, AFI Enhanced TV (November, 2002)

Corporate Video? BT (British Telecom) Serves Up B2B (August, 2002)

New Satellite Services: Out of Africa and Europe (July, 2002)

Waiting for MPEG-4 (June, 2002)

NAB 2002: The Thrill Was Gone (May, 2002)

New Technology for Post-9/11 Security (April, 2002)

Tomorrow's TV Experience Debuts at AFI Workshop (November 2001)

November 2, 2006, San Jose, California (Streaming Media West)
Learn about the future of video on cell phones and iPODs as viewed by executives from Napster, Palm, MobiTV, and mSpot, moderated by Howard Greenfield. 

             Watch the video, or Listen to the audio

                      Panel Session Web Page Details

     WHAT: Panel Session: “Going Mobile: Is Portable Media Finally Here?
     WHEN: Thursday, November 2, 2006, 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
     WHERE: San Jose McEnery Convention Center, Silicon Valley, California

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