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About Us
by Howard Greenfield

What We Do

We advise companies in Silicon Valley, U.S. and Europe. Most are entering turbulent markets with new products. For over 18 years we’ve worked through product cycles, interviewed top executives, and developed high level experience and contacts.

Through a combination of development and writing assignments, we have industry insights and trusted technical and management contacts around the world.

We Help Big Companies and Start-ups Alike

Howard has worked and managed at Apple, British Telecom, Informix (now IBM), NXP, and Sun Microsystems where he created their first Media Lab. He is an accomplished quick-study and rapidly applies new knowledge to emerging product spaces.

Services cover four specific business strategies (see Services)–each aimed at helping clients thrive and grow in digital product development.

Our Experience, Insights, and Network

Howard and Go Associates’ in-depth sector knowledge come from working in the trenches on product cycles in Silicon Valley and covering technology developments around the world. Our reputation is based on innovation that helps you succeed in today’s marketplace. In the course of advanced technology roles, research interviews and articles, Howard has met with a who’s who of digital innovation including:

Founders of Akami (Tom Leighton), Apple (Steve Jobs), Siebel Systems (Tom Siebel), Broadcast.com (Mark Cuban), Microsoft (Bill Gates), Sun Microsystems (Scott McNealy) and executive leadership from ABC-Disney, Accenture, Amazon, BBC, CNN, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Google, ABC-Disney, Huffington Post, IBM, SlingBox, Wired Magazine and others.

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“There’s a common misconception that Silicon Valley is the accelerator of the world. The real story is that the world keeps getting faster—Silicon Valley is just the first place to figure out how to keep pace.”

–LinkedIn Founder, Reid Hoffman, Blitzscaling