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by Howard Greenfield

References and recommendations.

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“I have known Howard Greenfield for many years, and have come to rely upon his sage counsel and strategic advice in a number of areas of international trade and technology deployment. “

“Howard is always current in his knowledge of technology markets and companies, especially in countries outside the United States. Because he consults with many companies as well as writes analysis of market situations for new technologies worldwide, I find his perspective most helpful, independent, and shrewd. Howard keeps ahead of the technological curve for companies he works with, and in his writing. It’s always a pleasure to connect with him, to learn about trends he sees on the horizon. His style is visionary, tempered with meticulous concern for detail and accuracy.”

— Nick DeMartino, American Film Institute

— Former Senior VP, Media & Technology


“I have been fortunate enough to know Howard for over a decade. He never ceases to amaze me with both his insights into technology as well as his ability to see how that technology will impact products and people.”

Geoff Roach, Former Director, Informix Software

“I had the opportunity to work with Howard on technology products for the media space. Howard has a sharp eye for technical detail and a command essential communication techniques. This converts consistently into actionable product marketing and business development results. His efforts play well internally and into the market.”

Martin Bergenwall
Senior Vice President at Inside Secure

“I’ve known Howard for many years. He has a deep understanding of the convergence of traditional media, telecommunications and their ongoing digital transformation and relationship to cybersecurity issues. Howard is my go-to person for advice and guidance on marketing topics and issues that I face from time to time in my professional life. He’s a terrific high-tech professional and person.”

Steve Mezak — CEO, Accelerance

“Howard & Go Associates were instrumental in moving our product strategy forward. They are able with their unique industry skills and knowledge base to quickly identify and build the connection between the customer and the product team, delivering real value and momentum for our customer propositions and our projects.”

Harold Formosa — British Telecom

“Because he consults with many companies as well as writes analysis of market situations for new technologies worldwide, I find his perspective most helpful, independent, and shrewd.” 

Nick DeMartino — Former Director, American Film Institute, Hollywood, CA

“He is clearly excellent in building relationships and networking. “

Terry Turner — Chief Executive, East of England Museums Libraries & Archives Council

“Recommending Howard Greenfield’s High Level of Skill & Commitment:  In particular, Howard has demonstrated that he knows the drivers behind the digital media industry in Europe and the US and has that he has the IT and business skills to make his advice worth hearing.”

John Taysom — Reuters Venture Capital

“Mr. Greenfield has an enviable ability to understand the “big sky” picture of the IT industry from the perspective of his experiences and work in the Silicon Valley as a consultant and executive. He also has the skill to craft partnerships and alliances that are needed to move forward at the ground level. Howard to bring both marketing focus and key players together.

This is a rare strength, and we’ve been grateful for the assistance and strategic thinking that Howard has brought to Octavo. With confidence that he can contribute those same skills to you.

Chet Grycz — Curator Books & Collections, Internet Archives, Former CEO, Octavo

“Howard covers industry developments in US and Europe, and consistently offers our readers an original viewpoint and professional insight…His research into the deeper implications of industry events always makes for a good read.”

Nick Snow — Publisher Euromedia, Advanced Television