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Competitive Technical Advantage

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Create technical & business competitive advantage
Many business sectors require additional expertise to transition their business operations to digital and internet applications.  Their challenge is to:

  •      Review business and IT systems
  •      Recommend strategy and applications
  •      Implement and train staff

Helped numerous organizations accelerate their business
Go Associates consistently provides dependable technology strategy & planning, IT decisions, training, and product marketing support.   We are consulting partner to many companies in delivering database, accounting, website, and multimedia applications. We help corporate and small businesses move their manual business process to online systems.


Consistently provided strategic benefits to clients including:

     – Increased efficiency, higher productivity

     – Faster, more efficient communications & operations

     – Reduced IT operational costs 



E-commerce: Broadband & Satellite

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Create online store, generate new revenue
Our ISP client needed improved technical and business strategy including partnerships and e-commerce capability.

Delivered partner programs, pricing, and content services
A key contribution to our leading global broadband and internet provider client was developing an e-commerce presence that created new revenue streams. This was achieved by driving the cross-departmental teams in integrating company website, database, and accounting systems. Other work involved review systems, analysis & design for online application, user interface design, database integration.


— Go Associates created new e-store profit center

— Increased European customer satisfaction and service access

— Added major global partners & channels for strategic growth


Product Marketing: Telecommunications

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Re-position products, increase sales
Global telecom provider (FTSE 100) client required an accelerated market strategy based on an existing, shop-worn product technology.

New product plan
Working across the corporate teams on most recent customer requirements – reformulated product features, pricing, and field sales force tools to increase revenues.
Product marketing work included:
– Gather market & Customer Requirements
– Develop Strategy & Pricing Model
– Produce Sales Tools


— Re-designed Product Suite, Sales Strategy, and Collateral

— Increased Global Market Penetration and Revenue Stream

— Signed Up New Partners & Channels


Web: Global PR and Fundraising

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Reaching a world wide audience in support of endangered native global ocean species.

Use broadband & web to protect sea life
The organization required technology, expertise, and funding to get key environmental messages & news to public.

Technical plan, funding, & communications collateral
BlueVoice is a non-profit environmental organization that communicates important breaking events to the public. Worked to create solutions when the organization needed funding, communications brochure, and advice on developing a technical plan.

BlueVoice multimedia internet communications system combines technology and environmental reports to protect marine life and habitat-particularly dolphins, whales, Other board members of this diverse organization include actor and activist Ted Danson, wildlife video producer Hardy Jones, and other leading naturalist advocates.

Learn more at www.bluevoice.org.


  –Raised funds to build communications network

  –Delivered brochure to raise global awareness

  –Helped design Internet communications solution to publicize news.

Communications: Interactive Media

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Deliver corporate digital media, e-learning
Leading Fortune 500 technology provider needed to lead industry in IT communications deployment. Its mission was to use its own internal network to deliver employee productivity applications, corporate communications, and training. Cross-departmental teams needed to be led to a functional result across global geographies (US, Europe, Asia). Additionally R&D Labs needed to showcase work-in-progress that would become the company’s next generation products. Many stake-holders, a single owner required to drive the outcome.

Provided digital video and interactive training applications 
After creating and staffing the first company media lab, the team led the industry in the development of ground-breaking IT and marketing applications. Using the company’s own data servers, computers, and software, projects provided office applications, curricula, documentation, and video streaming across the company for training, operations, and sales.


The work succeeded in generating multiple competitive advantages such as increased productivity, customer confidence, world-wide sales revenues, and leading industry positioning. The work supported multi-million dollar sales and Independent Software/Hardware Vendor (ISV/IHV) adoption. Other accomplishments and contributions:

— Significant multi-M$ new product sales revenues and market share

— Delivered corporate communications, training, & culture innovation

— Launched Media Center of Excellence & showcase applications

— Digital Video training resulted in better sales team product pipeline